Kargadoor – Senna Black – Jacques Mees

The center of Utrecht has many canals. In the past they were used for delivering goods to the businesses along them. The basements of the buildings go under the road above and end close to the water. This is very convenient for the logistics. These days the cellars are hardly used for storage. Many of them are converted into bars and restaurants.

The Kargadoor is located in one of those buildings and has a great basement. The building has multiple rooms for rent for meetings and presentations and two stages.

As you guessed one of these stages is in the basement! Senna Black performed there on april 21, 2017. She brought her two guitarists, Jeffrey Migchelsen and Nathaniel van Veenen, along. They gave a great acoustic performance and almost blew me away. I have to see her with the complete band.

The second act was Jacques Mees. He had piles of songs to choose from. Bob Dylan, Townes van Zandt or his own work… each one came with a story. To help him pick the songs Martin van der Raad gave gentle notches on his guitar. Jolanda Haanskorf brought her voice to the table.

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