Protest – Haarlem

The Rustenburgerlaan in Haarlem has bus stops that only fit one buss at the time. It is also blocking the road a little bit when it stops. To create more space the bicycle lane will be separated from the main road and the wide pavement will be turned into a bus stop. In the future two buses can stand behind each other at the stop. Sounds like a solid plan?

In October 2020 a part of the pavement was turned into a garden by the same local government. It is a nice addition to the pavement introducing more plants and space for rain to be soaked up by the soil. In the new situation the garden will be removed.

The people living along the road have a different opinion. The plan will cost parking space, increasing the parking stress on the streets next to them. At the location of the garden the pavement is very wide, but down the road the pavement is just three tiles wide. To share their concern they turned the garden into a protest.

Read all about the plan, in Dutch, here.

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