Festival Music

Houtnacht 2023

The night before the Houtfestival when all stages are build and equipment is hooked up a smaller festival takes place… the Houtnacht. On the evening of June 17 various bands and projects perform which you might not find at your commercially driven venue.

I went to see three acts. It started with Achterlicht, a young energetic punk band which turned a bicycle into an instrument. Having to perform at dinner time is challenging. Houtnacht is a friendly festival where the visitors take care of the performers.

The Incidental Drone Ensemble, a project by Joost Verhagen and Eaters of the Soil, played Compositions 1960#7 by drone componoser La Monte Young. this composition can be played for as long as you like!

Blanco Teta brings punk all the way from South-America to Europe this summer. Not speaking Spanish is no excuse to enjoy their energetic show.

Check them out and learn more about them: click here.