Street Art

Street Art – Gasthuiskwartier – Den Bosch

The Gasthuiskwartier is the location of a former hospital in ‘s Hertogenbosch. It is being replaced by houses and appartments and now it’s just a huge construction site. A wooden fence keeps visitors out. To ensure nobody has to look at a boring wall or see a huge invitation to practice spray painting skills the Kings of Colors hosted an event to decorate it with street art. (Follow link for 2016) .

On March 19, 2017, it was time to repaint the wall and many artists participated. Alpha_HCK, Mstyle and Pham collaborated on a giant piece about he movie La Haine. The following images are incorporated in their work: La Haine 1, La Haine 2, La Haine 3.

Amigos, Alpha_HCK, Anopsy, Karski&Beyond, Bird, Bsic, Cryone1976,  DuelOne, Dusk, Ecos, Enos, Esoneart Graffiti, Evolve, Ezee, Judith de Leeuw, Marc Art, Mich, MoronDoa, MStyles, Nash, Near!, Nicky Nina Nahafahik, Pham, PSY, Recal, Juicefied, Silak2attack, Smok, Sniek, Straatkapers, Sunkone, Swase, Swok & Toges, The Spermer, TheSpoce, Tikster & Zenga.

The best way to enjoy the photo’s is to click on the ‘View full size’ link at the bottom right of the screen below the photo.