Festival Music

Briljant Singer Songwriter Festival IV

September 9, 2017 the date for the Fourth Briljant Singer Songwriter Festival organised and hosted by Rob Alphenaar of café Briljant, Thijs Launspach and the Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem. Bad weather was expected therefore the event was held inside. The setup did not change, two stages and a bar in between. This year it was the Alpenaar stage and the Barbie stage.

Rob Alphenaar opened the festival himself. Nina Nicolai impressed with a couple of sad songs about how tough life can be. Jasper Schalks, who presents the monthly Open Mic Night of Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem, takes his inspiration from ex girlfriends and his formerly ex ex current girlfriend. Tes sang about the struggle relationships can be and vivisection. Thijs presented the festival together with Rob and still had the time to do a song together with Tes. Amy Abdou has a son and he loves hard rock. She studied the classics to be able to teach him. Today she was shredding them at the festival! Dutch Cassidy, who regularly plays at the Open Mic Nights, shared a couple of his classics and brand new songs. Dan German, who was almost to tall for the Barbie stage, played a wide variety of songs. StarFishTaxi and Rob share a long history of musical adventures. After StarFishTaxi shared a couple of his songs Rob put the audience to work and be the rhythm section. The show ended with the hiphop classic Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang!

All great parties must end, but as long as there are musicians around the party won’t stop.

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