Festival Music Poetry

Parksessies II – 19 July 2017

Great weather blessed the second Parksessies of the season. I started at the headquarter of our province. Build for  a banker to show off his wealth, used by  Lodewijk Napoleon to the rule the country… and this night Demi Baltus  made the garden her stage for poetry about life and becoming a doctor.

You can load up on picnic and bring your friends. Which is a great thing to do. Therefore they limited the amount of food trucks and made sure there is no competition between them. Of course there are multiple bars and for this night a G&T bar was setup!

Amartey brings sunshine and he doesn’t need the spotlight all the time. To introduce his fellow musicians he literally takes a step back and let’s them shine.

The Beholder, created by Pénélope Hémon, provides a safe, warm, welcoming  space which got a lot of attention from all ages. Mr. Weird Beard announced all events and showing the way to the important locations like the bars and the bare bottom girls. Eva Kreuger had photographs printed on canvas which hang like curtains between the trees. This made them come alive while showing emptiness.

Do you feel numb and worn out? The Surf Aid-Kid comes to the rescue! Great music and the sparkling energy of lead singer Valerie you get well soon.

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