Parksessies III – 26 July 2017

July 26, 2017 was the evening of the third Parksessies of 2017. A great festival which wouldn’t be possible without the volunteers who build, connect, solve, communicate, serve, deconstruct and clean everything.

Het Blauwe Uur brought their installation POP to the park. Analogue instruments and things that make a sound were turned into digital instruments to provide the soundtrack for a group of statues on which video is projected.

Milou van Duijnhoven is a brave dancer who started her performance in the shirt of the German national team. Her solo shows her strength. North Korea is not the first country one would think of as a holiday destination. Madelief van de Beek created the North Korean Office of Tourism where you could have your picture taken against the backdrop of a nice beach with a jumping orca.

To be… Polly D. by Katinka van Gorkum is a fictional documentary about Polly. It is an interview with a friend of Polly and a nurse of the mental institution where Polly ended up. Art was on display at an exhibition hall in the centre of town. To take away any possible excuse not to visit it the Limo Company provided a a nine meter long pink limo for return trips.

Yannick Noomen was switching from character to character in his solo Alter Ego. Due to the rain his stage filled with visitor trying to stay dry.  Standing in the middle of his audience made his performance more intimate.

DJ Sjef Rolet picked his music very well. It was had not to dance. The first band of the evening was Figgie an indie band singing in… Dutch. The second band was Hytes which hide behind the video screens.

Marcella Kuiper did something simple and very effective. In the garden next to the festival she hang a swing from a big tree. Around it sfere-shaped mirrors where hanging and the floor was paved with large sheets of mirror glass. When you get the swing going and look around you enter the peaceful  mirror world.

The best way to enjoy the photo’s is to click on the ‘View full size’ link at the bottom right of the screen below the photo.