Festival Music

Parksessies I – 12 July 2017

Parksessies is back in town for four Wednesday evenings in  row. You can expect anything between art and music, from installations to performances. Free from fences, tickets and tokens for your drinks the event is held in the largest park in Haarlem. Hordes of volunteers make it possible. The financial cork of the festival is floating on drinks and donations.

Wednesday 12 July the first Parksessies session took place. Charlotte van Otterloo brought her Dreamscapes to the park. A group of geometrical objects with a different world inside. Children could improve their woodworking skills. You could also sit down, relax and create a drawing.

I started with Hun and their play “Alles is wel’’ (Everything is fine). It’s about the world from a women’s perspective. Their act combines songs and sharp conversations. You will remember them as they make it their goal to connect with the audience. Ever wondered why you don’t score in da club? Hun will tell you.

Luca and Adina choose a container as their stage for questions about life the doubt which comes with it. While their movement is minimal they capture your attention, even when they lay silent on the ground and their conversation continues in a video projection on the wall.

The first band of the evening was Fata Boom. A small collection of electronics  pump up the jam and the mysterious female singer and her exhibitionistic male buddy take you to the party.  It’s a pity they were planned a bit too early in the evening. If you can see them at a time when alcohol washed away all reservations of the crowd… you will at the best party of the year.

Parksessies would be a complete chaos without Mr. Weird Beard, the speaker. Who and what performs where? He knows the small changes in the schedule. He directs you to bars and stages. After sponsoring the festival you might feel a sense of urgency. If you are the pressured for relieve, he points you straight to the bear bottom girls for the best privy experience!

The third theatrical act was De Gestampte Meisjes. These three #fitgirls brought an ode to the men. Every man should see it as it explains a lot. If you don’t like performances, but you love horror films… this play is for you!

Last band of the night was Brandwerk. The DJ and three rappers got the crowd on their feet with  good solid hip-hop in your face. Like Fata Boom a perfect band make the blood flow faster and celebrate hump day!

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