Poets of Haarlemtown

Expelled from the game

Your path to fame

Don’t sit down near the packs

Gather all poetry cracks


Weird Beard summoned the poets

From Haarlemtown and afar

They came, a crowd they found

In the belly of The Wolfhound


Words were bend across the flow

Of stories about thing we did not know

Violence, sex and I the poems were about

Young and old presented them aloud


Thanks to all who took the mic

Your are great and none is alike

When there is a second round

You know where I’ll be found


The following poets and taletellers took the stage:

Aik Kramer, Nadieh Bindels, Jonah Vos, Linde Suzanne, Joubert Pignon, Ariel Alvarez aka The Bisshop, Sjaak Vrugt, Joshua Baumgarten, Louky Van Eikelburg, Markus Haringa, Beatrijs Bakker, Noah Litampha, Nina Targan Mouravi, Jelmer Weening, Janneke Hopman, Marten Janse, Dick van ‘t Hoff, Auke-Jan Weening, Ernst du Pon, Ariel Alvarez.

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