Music Singer/Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem

Singer-Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem: Open Mic Night – 07 June 2016

The second open mic night of the Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem took place on June 7, 2016. Florentien Mol opened the evening and I can listen to her clear voice all day long. Gwan Brandhorst brought us a piece of Ireland! Mark Werkman took us on a tour along his musical inspiration and challenges. Starting with A Forest by The Cure it was a great journey. Chaimaa , who also performed at the first Open Mic Night in May, sings in Arabic. This time she added a duet with Joost Verhagen to her set. Everybody played a cover and Michael Salmagne choose to break the chain. He gave us a beautiful song about his daughter instead. Remmert Velthuis doesn’t need an amplifier to be heard. He is a great entertainer and will keep rocking in the freeworld. Minke Jonk and Oli Tong also performed at the first Open Mic Night. Again they proved to be a great combination. Michael Prins won the Best Singer Songwriter Season 2 in 2013. Today Remmert joined him on guitar and it was awesome. A tradition was started a month ago with the performance of the improvisation band To The Wolves. This month the line up was slightly changed. Juliette van Dijk, Chaimaa and Joost verhagen were joined by Anouk and Michiel van ‘t Riet.

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Updated 12-jun-2016