Singer/Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem

Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem: Open Mic Night 29

September the 4th was the first Tuesday of the month which is the tradional evening for the Open Mic Night organised by the Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem in Café Lokaal.

His kids pushed Melvin Visser to pick up his music again. I am glad they did! PM Delèfre brought a song about one of Haarlems poets and a protest song about the new way of working for the postmen. If you are wondering why these bulky people go from door to door. The are not out of shape, they are not overweight. They deliver mail and packages while sorting the mail on the go.

Rob Wtenweerde had a conversation  about the singer songwriter concept the other day. It needed to be reinvented. Rob gave it a shot. Playing a Gibson lookalike ukulele and Motown style dance routines he stole the show. It has been a while, june 2017, and they are back! Minke & Oli keep making great music about the sea.

Fons Stam is always optimistic and his songs tackle subjects from a very different angle, which give you an expression stuck between ‘OMG!’ and a big smile. In a bar with more than 100 different Dutch beers and musicians anything can happen and it usually does. PM Delèvre took out his harmonica and added extra blues to one of Fons’ songs.

Minke and Oli play multiple instruments. Rob stepped out of his comfort zone and played the ukulele. Thomas Triemstra and Lucas van Rens took a different approach. Both started with Betsy, the paino, and ended with guitar.

Gwan Bandhorst and Judith Wesselius brought a few cover. One of which was translated into Dutch by Gwan. It was the second time he shared his version and I get a better understanding of the complexity every time.

Throughout the years I have seen her play at various events related to café Briljant. I have never seen her there at the Open Mic Night nor in the new place Lokaal. When the artist play it is usually silent. When Kim Nanninga sang you could hear a needle drop. Looking forward to her album release in october.

A lot of the original participants where in Lokaal to celebrate a birthday and promote the new harvest festival ‘Haarlem Oogst‘. It was the perfect opportunity for the improvised improvisation choir To The Wolves to play. Thomas. Gwan, Joost Verhagen, Judith, Gerrit Eijkelboom, Juliette van Dijk and Dick Stegenga made it a success.

A big shout out to JasperSchalks who presented the evening.  Joar de Baat took care of all technical details and beer!

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