Singer/Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem

Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem: Open Mic Night 42

The early evening of October 1st 2019 was dominated by heavy rain. It was so bad that some singer/songwriters had to stay home to limit the flood damage. Some singer/songwriters planned their visit to the Open Mic Night organised by Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem to avoid the traffic jam caused by the bad weather and farmers from all over the country driving home on their tractors after protesting at our political centre The Hague.

Anne Rosenberg and Harm Riekse didn’t take any risk and arrived by bus, which stops within crawling distance from café Lokaal in Haarlem. They played a good set using multiple instruments.

Jurriaan Kurpershoek borrowed a nice twelve string guitar from musicstore Alphenaar, who have this Fender on offer with 28% discount. Jurriaan will use it at promotional activities for the crowdfunding campaign of his band Operation Hurricane. Getting airplay on the local radio stations, celebrating the bands birthday… they do anything to get attention and raise cash.
The radioshow Part One starts at 43:40 and Part Two starts directly.

Mark Werkman planned to play at the Open Mic as he was expecting a lot of problems in traffic trying to get home. He made the right choice. He didn’t fore see that he forgot to put his guitar in the car as planned. To solve that minor glitch he borrowed Harm’s guitar to play a set in English.

Tes also didn’t bring her guitar to the Open Mic and borrowed Harm’s instrument as well. It didn’t stop her to share a good set of covers.

Rob Alphenaar was both sound engineer and running the bar. Jasper Schalks, who also has a crowdfunding campaign, presented the evening.

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