Festival Music

HIT – Kingsday

Another year, another Kingsday! I prefer to start the day at the Kenaupark in Haarlem. In the morning the best musicians of the Haarlems Interscholair Toernooi showed their skills. HIT is an art competition between all schools in Haarlem for students between 12 and 18 years old. The organization is in the hands of Hart.

Toby played an instrument, but discovered he could sing and that singing is more fun. He formed a band with Sanne, Luca and Dian. Asha and Sanne supported themselves. Dylan wrote a piece for two guitars, or one guitar and a loop station.

De Notulist is an upcoming rapper whose latest tracked dropped on Kingsday:

Grote Stappen – Notulist

The Paper Planes write their own music, just like eMeezing Jules d’orange who make real hiphop:

Good performance by all participating artists and I expect to see them more on the local stages in the years to come.

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