Street Art

Street Art Festival Ede

Astrant in Ede got permission to decorate a few new walls around town. The Combi Killers were working next to the railroad track of the Valleilijn. This is the second large piece along the track in Ede. The first one, created by Eelco van den Berg, is on the backside of Astrant. TCK did something completely different and created and old steamtrain.

At the Musuemplein a fence of a construction site was turned into an open air exhibition. Stencils by I Am Fake, RenNL, ESFP, MRK, La T’Ash, Herr Eifel, Trendkill and Nina Paintina & Dimi are on display all day. Jantina combined paint and stencil techniques. Eddie Rutenfrans also used a mixed techniques. While the Straatkapers, Anopsy, Combolution, Verfbrigade, Wouter van Foose and graffiti artists used spray cans Roos Art prefered brushes to create her elephant.

The front of Astrant, located at a spacious square, had the front of the building decorated by for Studio Giftig!

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The Combi Killers



Studio Giftig at Astrant