Street Art

Street Art Zodiac

The Laan van Zodiac in Apeldoorn has a small tunnel to pass the Oost Veluweweg. It’s on the edge of an industrial area and, although the area is well maintained, people didn’t feel comfortable there at night. Twelve year old Aron, aka Skeor, reached out to the local government for approval to replace tags and bad language with beautiful pieces. Together with Gigant in Apeldoorn and Astrant in Ede artists were invited. In the last weekend of August the tunnel was transformed with support of:

Klaas LagewegCaer
NashLos Elmeros
Dodici ArtPsy (Hybe Tribe)
RoosArtCruse (Straatkapers)
Edo RathSemor
Nicky NahafahikRandom EXP

The event didn’t go unnoticed. The news for kids, Jeugdjournaal, made an item about it interviewing Skeor and showing the artists at work! Enjoy the action through this link.

To keep it easy to maintain the wall was covered with two layers of anti-graffiti coating.

The best way to enjoy the photos is to click on the ‘View full size’ link at the bottom right of the screen below the photo.