Festival Street Art

Art Festival Ede

October was the month of art in Ede. After the successful make-over of the Bospoort tunnel streetart had to be a part of it. A lot of empty walls were found and permission gained from their owners and the local government. During the month the walls and streetfurniture were improved by Nina Paintina, ESFP, Jan Rap, Serge Kortenbroek, Eelco van den Berg, Sivanski Shushan, Andre Haazes, Fernando Leon, Jeroen Ammerlaan, Djim Pijnappel, Milan Art, Naamloozz Eindeloozz, Remco Visser, Trendkill Stencils.

If you plan a tour through Ede the late morning program could be like: Start at the market next to the Mediamarkt. In an alley you will find a fox and grasshopper by Pijnappel connected by the abstract work of Ammerlaan. Cross the market during market day along the right side and grab a sandwich at the Surinam food truck. While you enjoy an early lunch or a late breakfast you will find bicycle parking racks protected by five lions. These were created by Nina Paintina and her assistant Randy. Follow the street off the market along the bicycle path. On your left you wil see a small building with a piece by Andre Haazes, abstract work in blue and white by Jan Rap, a girl that turned into a deer by Serge Kortenbroek protected by a lion and rhino on both sides by ESFP. He also made a stencil about the journey of a refugee and his troubles. It is just around the left corner behind the container. At the right corner Andre Haazes made his first mark. Going back to the bicycle path and following it again you will see Poppodium Ede on the right at the other side of the railroad. You can’t miss the giant bright yellow wall with animals by Eelco van den Berg. Do not forget to look on the left as well as you pass Fernando Leons wall. The next challenge is to take a left turn and find the McDonalds. At the back of it there is work by Haazes, Shushan, Naamloozz and Visser.

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