Music Singer/Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem

Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem: Open Mic Night XXVI

June the 5th was Open Mic Night time at café Lokaal in Haarlem. Twenty-six months ago the Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem held their first event in café Briljant and there always surprises, things happening for the first time and artists sharing their latest songs before they are finished. This night was no exception.

Regular visitors MacHielo and Florentien Mol took care of the first two gigs. Rob Wtenweerde wanted to hear P!en sing in Dutch. No jazz night for P!en tis time! Rob opened their set with one of his own songs. P!en followed up with one of her own for the very first time and supported by Rob on guitar. As she writes in English Rob wrote a hilarious Dutch duet for them. This worked great and I expect to hear a lot more from them.

Beechcraft Bonanza doesn’t carry a bulky guitar. The ukelele is his instrument. I saw him a few times at the Terrasmus in Amsterdam where he played longer sets. Now he had just three songs to turn the crowd into lifetime fans and he nailed it. Thomas Triemstra likes to play a cover in his set. This time he only shared his own songs including a brand new one!

Mark Werkman felt the pressure and only sang in Dutch including a very personal song. Rob Alphenaar just stopped serving beer! He still had plenty on stock, but took a moment to play a se t.

Gwan Brandhorst was challenged to write his own songs a long time ago. This night he made a big step towards that goal. He translated a Johnny Flynn songs into… Dutch! Geert Krijn visited the Open Mic in Lokaal for the first time and he did very well.

Dan German wanted to add a little extra to his music. So, he spend some time to learn to play drum and bells while playing guitar. I hope he keeps doing this!

To stick to the challenge… sing in Dutch… Dutch Cassidy presented the night!

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