Street Art

Poetry Street Art – Leiden


In Leiden they developed their own style of street art. They cover their walls with poetry, both in word and physics formulas.

The poetry murals are all over town, but the highest concentration is in the city centre. The first one was created in 1992 with a Russian poem by Marina Tsvetajeva. The last one was painted in 2005. There are over a hundred poems in thirty-four different languages. Over time the poems disappeared, moved or were repainted in a different color.

The physics formulas was an idea of particle physicist Ivo van Vulpen. He pitched the idea in 2014. All formulas were discovered by mathematicians and physicists who worked in Leiden. There are four of them and I bumped into three.

If you would like to visit Leiden and discover the poems and formulas the website Muurgedichten van Leiden is a great resource.

Poems :

William Shakespeare  – Sonnet XXX

Adonis – Loss

Marina Ivanovna Tsvetajeva – For my poems

Rainer Maria Rilke – Das ist Sehnsucht: Wohnen im Gewoge..

Christophle Plantin – Le Bonheur de ce Monde

Langston Hughes – Danse Africaine

Edward Estlin Cummings – The hours rise

Nasir Kazmi – zabaa.N suKhan ko

Eugenio Montale – Non chiederci

Trefossa – Gronmama

Cesare Simonetti – Treno In Corsa

Pierre de Ronsard – A son âme

William Waring Cuney – Charlie Parker

Wislawa Szymborska – Pochwala zlego o sobie mniemania

Tadeusz Rózewicz – Pisalem

K.P Kaváfis – Κρυμμενα

Cees van Hoore – Als twee kussens langs een wang

Pablo Neruda – XXIV – Testamente II

Jorge Luis Borges – El Apice

Johan Geeraard Adriaan – De dichter is een gedicht

M. Vasalis – Eb

Piet Paaltjens – Aan u mijn groet, o Leidsch Studentencorps

Jean-Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud – Sensation

Vallana – No title


Science :

Lorentz Contraction

Lorentz Force

Oort Constants


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