Street Art

Street Art at Ede Zuid

The south side of Ede has four big apartment buildings. Each has flat has his own small utilities ‘house’ for electricity. The neighbourhood is working hard to make their part of town a great environment. The Keesomtunnel is around the corner and it inspired them to reach out to Poppodium Ede and the local government to see what was possible. A lot was possible! They got budget, found sponsors and the best artists to take on this project. The weekend in which September turned into October the transformation started.

Dopie, who created a flock of sheep in the Keesomtunnel, continued his series of wildlife you can find in the nature next to Ede. He created a deer, foxes, an owl and a pheasant in his colourful style.

One of the ‘houses’ is next to a playground. It has a wooden ship for the kids to climb and sail over the world.  The Mindfulltattoos crew turned their project into an aquarium with fish the kids might encounter on their journey. When you go around it reads as a picture book. The fishing cat might not like the catch of the day.

Missy DB‘s project was thorn in the eye of the neighbours before she got to work. Shady business was going on around the bushes hiding the house.  Requests to have it cut down and make the building clearly visible for security were rejected. For the street art project the local government understood is was necessary to make the building visible. When you come from the main road heading for the new car parks… Missy’s panther stares right at you…

Simian Switch, whose work is found in Ede at the Bospoorttunnel and Keesomtunnel, teamed up with Lucia Alonso.  Their utilities block is next to the vegetable garden. They added flowers and very juicy pomegranates!

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