Woonprotest – Utrecht

Sunday, November 21, 2021

A new Sunday, a new housing protest. This time the torch was carried by Utrecht. Gabriel Erlach hosted the afternoon which started next to the central railway station. She and all speakers were supported by a sign interpreter. Zeno Winkels, director of the Woonbond, started the series of speeches. In every city it is the same story. The waiting list for a renting a house are way too long and the prices are sky high. Social housing is sold or replaced by expensive houses. Stevie Nolten, BIJ1 Utrecht, Pim van der Heiden, Bond Precaire Woonvormen, all had good speeches about the housing situation in Utrecht.

Jules van Dam and Fatiha, Stichting de Tussenvoorziening, explained how easy it is to end up on the street and the time and effort it takes to get back on your feet. (years!).

Thijs de Bekker brought his family and neighbours. They live in a very social neighbourhood where they know and help each other. Their houses have to go to create a park. Why? So, the bankers next to them can get a bit of sunshine while they smoke. The good news is that squatters took over an empty building a few days ago. Hopefully this helps the people in their fight against money.

Amresh Jokhoe, Stichting Compleks, told us about the housing/living experiment Place2BU where young people and immigrants live in the same area. Due to communication failures the representative of the squaters at the Croeselaan was cut short, but he brought a megaphone and finished his speech.

The slogan “Vecht, vecht, vecht, wonen is een recht” is boring. Rapper Marakit dropped better lines and I think she should rewrite all housing protest slogans before the next protest in Groningen. There is one exception… “Hoe laat is het? SOLIDARITEIT!”. Talking about solidarity… Kameraad Huisje is still not free.

As we were standing still and listening for a while Onkruid warmed everybody up with their happy tunes! Esma Kendir , Student & Starter, and Mirthe Biemans, PvdA Utrecht, the two of the organisers of the housing protest in Utrecht closed the part at the Jaarbeursplein.

The protest march through town went well except for one incident. I didn’t see what happened as I was to far ahead.

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