Rotterdam was the second large city to organise a housing protest. On Sunday the 17th of November thousands gathered at the Afrikaanderpark. Many different housing problems were addressed, like how long it takes, if ever, to get a suitable house when you are disabled. The migrant workers who live with many together in houses that come with the job… and they are homeless as soon as they loose their job also joined the cause.

It was good to see many different people attended the protest. Of course there were political parties which were already in the Tweede Kamer, house of commons, when the current housing problem was growing. The only new party, which got a single seat at the Tweede Kamer, BIJ1, was well represented.

Squating is made a lot harder the last thirty years. So, it was good to see the Anarchists were well represented. Who came out in large numbers was the police. Like they had to escort a group of hooligans from the away team to a soccer match. The march was wel organized. The roads were cleared and the police made sure everything was safe. Still it was strange to see a large group of police in riot gear pass after the Anarchists passed. When they passed me on the Erasmusbrug there was no sign of trouble at all. A few minutes later this happened:

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And this video show even better what happened:

Police brutality

Besides the policy brutality it was a good protest. The next protest is in the Hague on the 14 th of November