Festival Music

Ecofest ’19 Jun 15, 2019

Ecofest ’19 is a nice ecofriendly festival in Haarlem. Organised by Stichting Ecoring and hosted at the Tuinderij de Waardering, a community supported agroculture project at the edge of Haarlem. A perfect location to enjoy workshops, food, beer and…. local music! The first band I enjoyed was The Irrational Library. They shared new work which makes me look forward to their second album.

Dark skies? Soggy grass? No problem! Sofia Maria Kienhuis found a dry spot for her dance workshop. The three men strong Operation Hurricane played a solid rock gig. If they play in your neighborhood… check them out.

Besides rocks band there were singer songrwriters. No Problem played covers and Robin Kolmus shared both covers and originals. Specialized in covers is The Lizard King. They turn The Doors covers into a good show.

The singer of Flower of Hope can’t stand stil. She has to move with grace and style to show her strenght and flexibility. It was a great, energetic performance. The front lady of the next band can’t stand still either. POM kept on rocking!

I didn’t see all bands performing at the festival as I called it a day at the end of the afternoon.

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The Irrational Library Band

Dance workshop with Sofia Maria Kienhuis

Operation Hurricane

No Problem

Robin Kolmus

The Lizard King

Flower of Hpe