Garden Scenes was the theme of the two day exhibition by the Wijngaard Collectief at their home ground the Wijngaardtuin in Haarlem.

As there is enough space in the garden everybody got a good spot for their work. Bob Wielaard planted side tables and Didi Overman hang a group of paintings between the trees. She also planted and paining of a woman carefully between the plants and added gardening tool to it. As you don’t hear much than the wind in the trees of the garden, which is great in the center of the city. Taiko group Hanadon changed that completely with two performances on Saturday the 18th of June, 2022. The drums sound great in the garden.

Ellen van Putten started drawing the Western jackdaws around her house the last two years. Erik Sok brought an interesting construction which held itself together. His work Shaky Balance kept itself up while the beams where only attached to each other by wire. You could give it a gentle push and it would just find it balance again like a professional gymnast. Gijbert Lameijer got inspired when he stumbled upon a huge pile of shopping baskets which he turned into an Insta worthy frame.

Jessica Assmann brought beautiful photos which you have to see for yourself as my photos of them do not do them justice. Julia Henneman spend the weekend working on text using the wall of the stage as her notebook. At the end of every day she shared her work. A lot louder than Julia are De Filistijnen. A group of confused rockers took the stage on Sunday June 19th. With songs about day to day frustrations its hard to keep a smile from your face.

Kees Juffermans is upcycling waste way before it was called that. His cows were enjoying the fresh grass. Klaas Kamphuis protected a section of the garden with his guards. They are old experienced guards and non shall pass. Kuno Grommers always manages to suprice me. This time he build a giant arch out of tentpoles!

The Weekend wouldn’t have been a success without Ruud and his catering. Margriet Gehrels was weaving with the crochet strings created during a previous event. A typical Dutch ‘garden’ is paved for the best part. Norbert Wille translated these concrete backyards to stick with the theme. Pots his plants came were used as concrete molds

I participated with selection of photo’s from the housing protests around The Netherlands.

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