Festival Music

Schalkwijk aan Zee

The summer ended with the Schalkwijk aan Zee festival in Haarlem on September 2nd, 2018. Besides good food, various organisations presenting them selves, plenty to do for the kids and many streetdance demonstrations… it is about local bands!

The first band I saw was the Omni Band. They just play what they like and enjoy a broad spectrum of music. From the Balkan to South-America… if they like it they play it. they’re also not attached to their instruments and keep changing they between songs. They share one and member with the Risata Kwartet. As Risata was also playing earlier at the festival they joined the Omni band for a couple of songs.

The best way to enjoy the photo’s is to click on the ‘View full size’ link at the bottom right of the screen below the photo.

Triple Threat started as a basketball club and they wanted to have their members a place to play and hangout. Now they are also into music!

Van Rooster creates solid rock music in the tradition of the Rolling Stones. The power failure during their set didn’t bother them much. They kept playing while the technicians were solving the problem and reseting the PA.

Pink Vibe is a punk rock cover band with a good taste in music!

Cut 2 The Bone, another great cover band with a different style. Enjoy their music from soul to rock when they are in the neighbourhood…. video.

The band to wrap up the festival was NEMSIS!!!!