Woonrevolte – Amersfoort

The housing problem in The Netherlands is a national problem with laws against squatting and the way houses are financed and where new houses can be build on a large scale. It is also a local problem where a handful of developers and social housing corporations decide what is build and for which profitable market. With the local elections in march it is important to keep the housing crisis on the agenda.

On January 30, 2022, the protests continued in Amersfoort. One of the main local problems is that a housing corporation want to demolish and rebuild the Jericho neighbourhood while they were told the tenants of the 124 houses it will be renovated. (See article in Dutch here ands here.)

Squatting is a solution. It might not be a permanent solution, but it makes the general public aware of how many empty buildings there are. A few days before the housing protest in Utrecht and empty building at the Croeselaan was occupied. A representative of the squatters, the Croesepoesen, shared their story which ended February first for this squat. Read more about hem in Dutch here. They will not be forgotten as a documentary is in the making.

Your Local Pirates shared two songs with us. One is a warning about fascism and the other with practical advice on how to open a door with a crowbar and a hammer.

Mike shared his story about not paying the increased rent for his house. In about eight years he had to pay 35% more for the same house. That didn’t feel good and he found support at WijWeigerenDeHuurVerhoging. He still paid his old rate, but not the extra. It took a long time and it ended in court, but the judge ruled in his favor!

Vera Andriessen represented FNV Young & United and Sandra did the same for Extinction Rebellion Amersfoort. Daniël was the only speaker for a political movement, the Communistische Jongerenbeweging.

Emma Vogt, Shanice Menting and Tim, the host, and all organisations supporting them organised a good protest with not one, but two sign interpreters on stage!