Festival Poetry

Haarlemse Dichtlijn 2019

The Haarlemse Dichtlijn is the name of an organisation. Besides their monthly poetry meetings they organise a  yearly festival on Ascension Day in Haarlem. The theme of the festival is a line from a poem by Sylvia Hubers: Ze zag me en groette’, she saw me and greeted. This is also the title of the bundle which helps fund the event. It contains one poems by each participant.

The opening was at the Mennonite Church, Doospgezinde Gemeenschap. The church, named the Great Admonition, is a very nice, warm, sober buidling which makes you feel just as welcome as it’s first visitors in 1683. At the opening choir Zang & Vriendschap sang a few poems. Marten Janse welcomed everybody and addressed all people and organisations involved in the festival. Sylvia was presented with the first copy of the festival bundel. After she read the poem the theme was taken from, the choir sang the poem, which was impressive.

The festival is hosted in six locations and it has three rounds. Therefore it is not possible to see and hear everybody. Each location has a presenter and they pitched their venue to attract the biggest audience for their poets.

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Opening at the Doopsgezinde Gemeente.

Round One – Hof20

Round Two – Jansstraat 33

Round Three – Café Koops