Festival Music


The Houtnacht is the night before the Houtfestival in Haarlem. The evening of the 17th of June brought a wide spectrum of music on multiple stages. The rock/wave/synth band Nemesis  opened the a big tent and various rap acts followed. Local rappers RaYvalentino and Sammas opened the session, followed by Ced Revino, KaasCouse & Rody DeLorean. Outside in the Koepel Coyote House and De Sp Aties (The Sp Aces) entertained the crowd.

The most interesting stage was the Caravant Garde caravan. Joost Verhagen selected very different and interesting acts. Performances in caravans are intimidatingly cosy and you get to know the audience.  In front of the caravan I saw Annemarie Klein playing the handpan out of which she and her fellow musicians created warm, calm, soothing music. The Stomp Brothers, Sjef Huurdeman and Pieter Mulder on harmonica and guitar, brought a crossover of blues and flamenco.  Timon Koomen created music in the caravan with just his guitar and two hands full of effects.

I was a bit worried about Orphax. He setup his equipment  outside the caravan, which creates more space for the audience. His instructions were clear. Just move your head or shift positions if you heard unpleasant sounds… and he ensured that these sounds only existed in your head. No worries, the volume would not be on a level to leave permanent damage. I expected the worst and hoped for the best. The best it was. His music with just under tones and high tones is extremely relaxing. It helps you avoid to think. As soon as your mind wonders of to think about important subjects, like groceries, the music cuts that thought short. Perfect music to help you to relax, loose sense of time  and fall asleep!

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