Street Art

Street Art Breda

The Grote Kerk, Big Church, in Breda is a little bit under construction. One side of the church is fenced off to create space for the builders. Thanks to the Blind Walls Gallery, which already made more than 90 walls possible in the town, the fence was decorated by four artists: Nina Valkhoff, Moneybird Crew, Zenk One and Mara Piccione. Under the title Inside Out the artists created new work based on the interior of the church.

As I had to park somewhere near the center of Breda, so I did some online research. I saw one parking which had street art in their photos and my choice was made. The photos below are from the Mols Parking and the surrounding streets going to the church. It includes work by: TMC, Rob & Robin, Johan Moorman, Collin van der Sluijs, Rutger Termohlen, Super A, Hedof, Letman, Booniem, Laura Lehtinen, AkaCorleOne, Twee Muizen, Maikki Rantala, Sam van der Weijden, Kelsey Montague and Isakov.

The best way to enjoy the photos is to click on the ‘View full size’ link at the bottom right of the screen below the photo.