Festival Music

Kingsday Fest at Nieuwe Kerksplein – Haarlem

On April 27, 2023, the sun was out and the wind took a break after weeks of doing it’s best to be present. Finally a beautiful day at the most importnat day in spring… Kingsday! And there is no real Kingsday without the music festival organised Lokaal – Dutch Beer Bar in Haarlem.

I only saw the first half of the program and it was good. What better to ensure the sun stays out that with the fuck ‘n soul formation Uncle Sue? They kept up their spirit while technical challenges were solved and gave a good show.

Gentle played at Lokaal during the Haarlemse Popscene on Tour. The owner Rob thought they needed a bigger stage that the bar can provide. So, he booked them! Gentle is a deceiving name. Talk with their drum kit about being gentle… They are a great band and you should see them when they are in your area.

Shape of Things are just with three, but they have the energy of ten. Good gig by the lads who don’t play happy songs.

Lobster Claw, or Dan German and Quentin Dean, ensured the square was filled with their fans. A good selection of sad songs on guitar and banjo. How much closer to summer can we get in spring?

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Rob Alphenaar giving directions to his bar Lokaal.