Festival Music Singer/Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem

Briljant Koningsdag Festival – 27 April 2017

On our king’s birthday Café Briljant throws a party with beer, burgers and… lot’s of music! I didn’t see everybody, but I did catch five great acts. On the main stage Robbert Fossen and Thomas Toussaint brought us the blues, loud!

The change over between acts on the main stage takes time. To ensure the life music keeps playing the Singer/Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem programmed the second stage. Iris Weda, Kim Nanninga and Mark Werkman all have their own style and did great. If one of them is playing in your area, just go and listen.

If you start a band, and you already found a drummer and bass player, you might look for somebody to play guitar. As soon as somebody walks in with a baritone sax… stop searching. Mix it with a Last Poet and you got The Irrational Library Band! Drum, bass, baritone sax and Mr. Weird Beard telling it like it is, is the recipe for a funky, pumping storm of truth and wisdom.

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