Festival Music Poetry

Parksessies 2018

Parksessies changed the setup. Instead of four summer Wednesdayevenings full of music, dance, art, spoken word, poetry and theater they compressed it to four days! From thursday July 15 untill sunday July 19 the Haarlemmerhout was hosting the event. The green grass was as good as gone after the Bevrijdingspop, Houtnacht and Houtfestival. The sun was heating the sand. The little gestures of wind sprinkled the visitors with dust. Blessed was the bar with refreshing drinks and the pink inflatable Jopen Church, a theater and beer worshipping site.

Day 1

The first evening was the night of Joshua J. His relaxed music is perfect for the sunday morning. Kim Nanninga creates songs you wouldn’t expect from a young lady and if you haven’t… she is worth listening to. This time she had an acoustic set at a nice spot where she had to sing louder than the fountain behind her. Wende came to the park with a mission. Give a preview of her show later this year at the Patronaat. Based on this sneak peek it will be awesome. There is no Parkessies without host, presenter Mr. Weird Beard. He is the spoken word kind of guy who leads the visitors into temptation to see all performances and the occasional rant and rave. Parksessies is NOT a picnic!

The best way to enjoy the photo’s is to click on the ‘View full size’ link at the bottom right of the screen below the photo.

Day 2

The friday was hiphop night. The order was set by the size of the crew. G.O.D. is a good punk/hiphop crossover duo. De Cultuur is a crew of four and they bring the party to the stage. If you are a member of Black Acid you can not be shy otherwise you fellow rappers just blow you of the stage. Great performance!

Music and text is also the basis of the performance of Nachtelijk Gespuis. Cas Kruse creates the soundtrack and Louky van Eijkelenburg tells stories about the darker side of life in the pink inflatable Jopen church. To show of the preperation that went into it you could read along as the texts were  decoration the church. Listen to one of their stories on Soundcloud.

Day 3

On Saturday afternoon the sun was pressing the last drop of water out of the grass when Nemsis took the stage and gave a good show. The heat wasn’t less for The Avonden.

The heat wasn’t more bareable in the pink inflatable Jopen church, but there was shade and a good line up. Linde van Dorp did her monoloque ‘Om 4 uur ben ik Ophelia’ (At 4 o’clock I am Ophelia), about that hour between four and five in the afternoon where she is the only one home an can be depressed.¬†Booij Kluiving had a monoloque about Plastic. It talked about the role of plastic in his life and that his eco-girlfriend was to expensive… Roos Sparreboom also had a monoloque… ‘Lavendel, een queste’ in which she, as a left thinking theatremaker, explored the upcoming right ideas of Thierry Baudet and her struggle to create a play about that. If you have an inflatable church you need a service. The Negatief Halfuurtje , Negative halfhour, provided that. It mentioned all negative things in todays life. Like couples with a shared Facebook account. At the end of the service they handed out pebbles to put in your shoe to keep the negative thought going. Very refreshing concept!

Day 4

The sunday was a relaxed day. The pink inflatable Jopen church was the place to be. Stella and Luus held their Ted-talk ”Doodle your day’. Their program contains 94 point to live a happy life. The whole show was streamed live!!! Lucas Hirsch and John Schoorl shared their poems while Jurre Schreuder told a story which mixed Don Quixote, a burrial ritual in Indonesia and the struggle of his mother with cancer into one. Joubert Pignon shared a few hilarious stories and the Shakespearience discussed and demonstrated Shakespeares work in a cleaver and enjoyable way. Demi Baltus shared her life in poetry to close out the event in the church.

Eva van Manen gave a good show in the afternoon. She played various tracks of her upcoming album. Jari & Wiebe entertained the crowd around dinner time. PYN and her band created spacy elektro pop to move your feet.