Music Singer/Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem

Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem: Open Mic Night X

Traditionally the month starts on the first Tuesday and February was no exception. To celebrate this fact the Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem host their Open Mic Night at café Briljant.

What better way to make the transition from a bussy day to a great night than some nice jazzy ballads? Pien van de Rest is the singer you can count on to make it smooth. Next up was Dan German. He is new in town and this was his first local gig. He wrote a new song for the occasion “I like to play in bars”. As the audience was sitting close to the stage Willemijn ten Velden decided to bring her songs unplugged. Everybody was all ears. Richard Cejer is at home on stage. For one of his songs he invited Adriana Caponigro to join him on guitar. All their friends were in the house and there was no way she could back out of her first performance.  I hope it was just the first of many. Wessel van Deursen was the host and the last act he announced was the vocal improvisation formation To The Wolves. The February line up was Juliette van Dijk, Willemjn, Richard, Dan, Wessel and Gerrit Eijkelboom.

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