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A late spring – Art, Music & Poetry

The Wijngaardtuin in Haarlem is a hidden garden in the center of town. This pleasant secret gem is the exhibition ground of local artists and their colleagues during the Kunstlijn. The Kunstlijn is in the autumn and comes with chilly, rainy weather. This doesn’t spoil the fun, but the artists, who are now united under the flag Het Wijngaard Collectief, thought it would be better with a higher temperature and sunshine. On june 10 they organised the first event as a collective in the Wijngaardtuin.

They invited musician and poets to spice up the event. The Haarlemse Dichtlijn, who just had their big yearly poetry event a month before, showed up in full force.

The best way to enjoy the photo’s is to click on the ‘View full size’ link at the bottom right of the screen below the photo.


Ap Esenbrink, Guust Persoon, Bita Bornak, Bob Wielaard, Gelina Post, Jan Heijer, Margot Rademakers, Erik

Sok, Kuno Gommers, Didi Overman, Ellen van Putten (no photo as you can’t hear trees grow on a picture)

Music & Poetry

Poetry :Anneruth Wibaut, Jan Kal, Pom Wolff, Alja Spaan, Marten Janse, Azar Tishe

Music : Van Mattha, Delèfre & Koek, Stuifzand