XR A12 blockade day 22

Saturday September 20, 2023 was the 22nd day in a row Extinction Rebellion blocked the A12 in The Hague. The goal is to put an end to the subsidy on fossil fuel. They estimated an amount hat would make you furious, but the climate minister did his homework and his estimate was higher. It is between 39.7 and 46.4 billion euro. At the same time the railroad company wants to reduce service and increase prices…

Of course the 46 billion euro is not returned in tax to various companies, but it a lot of tax not being raised. Like on airplane fuel.

The daily blockade was supported by the XR orchestra and a large group of the German climate activists der Letzte Generation. Of course the police had the protest in their agenda and were on site before the start. The local public transport company HTM arranged free transport for those who got arrested.

Update : October 6, 2023: As two politicians filed a motion and until that comes to a vote the daily blockade is paused.

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