Singer/Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem

Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem: Open Mic Night XXII

February the 6th of 2018 was the 22nd Open Mic Night hosted by the Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem in café Lokaal in Haarlem. It was another night full of great music with classics, brand new songs, new musicians and new collaborations.

Ellis Freijser loves to open the night and was right on time to claim her favourite slot. She has a wide range of subjects in her repertoire and this time she choose a few great songs about the darker side of live. P!en, probably due to new developments in her life, sang about love, although in her last song she was already looking for a replacement… what didn’t change is her love for jazzy music.

Rob Wtenweerde wrote a new song in the afternoon and shared it with the audience. The open mic is a good testing ground for new material. Adding two covers and a few good stories it was a good set. Fred Pruim visited the Open Mic Night to see if it is a nice event to play. He was recognized. handed a guitar and send to the stage with a request. He shared great songs in Dutch. Opening with a song about a friend he lost and ended with one about an old dog for good luck. In between he sang about his affair with the mermaid of Zaandam. If you get a chance to see him, just ask for this song.

Thomas Triemstra also joined the event for the first time. He had planned it and shared a couple of good songs. Next up was the quintet Rab Olphenaar. Daan Arisz supported the ladies Judith Wesselius, Jasmijn M. Helweg, Juliëtte van Dijk and Anouk on their vocal adventure.  I’m already looking forward to their next show.

You can always count on Gwan Brandhorst. He started together with Judith Wesselius to bring an ode to Dolores O’Riordan, who passed away last month. Joost Verhagen went through his record collection and choose two pieces by John Cage. He had a hard time selecting the right musicians to support him. The first piece he did on his own and for the second Sjaak Vrugt backed him up on the closed piano. Great to experience music you will not hear on the commercial radio stations. Tes borrowed Gwan’s guitar and shared two songs!

Dutch Cassidy took the role of MC and this smooth operator ensured all went well.

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