Singer/Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem

Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem: Open Mic Night 31

November started on the 6th with the Open Mic Night organised by the Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem in café Lokaal in Haarlem. The same recipe as every first Tuesday of the month and always full of surprises.

Rob Wtenweerde hosted the evening as Jasper Schalks is saving his voice for his tour. Rob has an album release coming up and was stretching the limits of self promotion. I already listened to the album and it’s good.

Juliette van Dijk organised a musical festival about the harvest, Haarlem Oogst. As café Lokaal was one of the sponsors ‘Ons Zanggroepje’ did a song in Swedish. That was great and I now know I missed a good show at the festival.

Gwan Brandhorst likes collaborations, together with Tes he shared songs by Johnny Flynn to continue with Judith Wesselius on piano. Melvin Visser thought it was a great idea to try something from one of his favorite artists. It forced him to relearn to play guitar and it was worthwhile.

Stuifzand shared a good set of songs in Dutch which included one from a song translation project Marten Janse did. Rob Wtenweerde continued his album release promotion with a set of songs about love in Dutch. Talking about Dutch Dutch Cassidy shared a couple of songs in English.

The Open Mic is a place where artists meet and songs are tested and improved. Thomas Triemstra shared a new version of a song. He experimented with two capos which gives his music a much richer sound.

Sarah Koolhaas played the piano. She plays her first song also with her band. She continued with brand new work. Tes rounded up the evening on both guitar and piano. She almost showcased a new song!

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