Singer/Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem

Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem: Open Mic Night 28

There is no night like Tuesday night! At least not like the first Tuesday of the month when café Lokaal opens her doors for the Open Mic of Singer Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem. The 28th edition was a special one with lost of new artists showing their skills and Gert-Jan Kooren who volunteered to support everybody with his double-bass. Besides that it is an impressive instrument it gives just that extra rock, blues or jazzy groove you need.

Ellis Freijser loves to open the evening and she did it with flair and up tempo rock to get the party started. Rob Wtenweerde played with words as he always does. His subjects were less playful… dementia and the end of the world. The last songs was not as we know it, but a final countdown.

Timo van Ruiswijk is a new guest at the open mic. His first song, with Gert-Jan on the bass, was an ode to a retired cop. His second song, Langzaam, was not as clear as the first one and made you think! Paul Baarn saw the offer by Gert-Jan to late to be able to take up the opportunity. That didn’t stop him from sharing a couple of very good songs. They were each based on a single sentence.

Stephen James Howard is a Brefugee stuck in The Netherlands. His first songs was about the Brexit and how it divides the country. The second about the fact that you could reconsider a decision.

Outside it was hot and inside it wasn’t much better. Maaike Reynaert brought the perfect surfy, Caribbean, summery sound to fit the heat. Frederik Petzoldt supported her on flute, but also shared his own songs while Maaike played bass guitar.

There was a small gap in the program. Shanna Nicó jumped at the opportunity! To warm up she shared one of her own songs and… before starting a cover… 10,000 excuses… struggling, searching, fighting the keyboard… she is a great actress. She found what she was looking for and delivered the song like she owned it!

Mark Werkman spend to much time at sea and had Dutch Cassidy write a song for him. That worked! You could hear the lyrics were by Dutch, who presented the evening, and the delivery was 100% Mark. He also played his song about a racecar driver which is inspired by a Dan German song. Like Dan’s songs based on a true story and not ending well.

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