Pletterij Electronic Impro Session

The Pletterij in Haarlem is a small cosy centre for debate and culture. Thursday november 16 was the monthly impro session. The concept is simple. They invite one of the best in their field and he or she invites others who she would like to work with. Bevin Kelley was this nights host. She makes electronic music and designs sounds. The first half hour she told us about her musical career  and her sound designs for toys.  Sharing example from her earliest work and the latest compositions.

As her biggest chuck of her work is on the computer she invited four very different artists for the impro session.  Dyane Donck brought her guitar and theremin and she used her voice as well. Evelien van den Broek only used her voice, a WII controller, pedal and five speakers to create sound. Martijn Comes had an old model synth and equipment to control its sound. They all have a background in music, compose their own music and work under multiple names.

As these four artists together isn’t interesting enough… Joost Rekveld also joined the fun. He wanted to play video, but there are no instruments created for that purpose. So, he build his own equipment and wrote the software. His system transforms the music into video and he can also control it like a sound engineer.

They did two impro sets which were great to watch and listen to. They were very conscious of what each member was doing and they kept an eye on the video screen to see what their influence was on the video. They all gave each other room to play with the video and explore its possibilities.

If you can still watch the performance as it is available on the YouTube channel of the Pletterij. Click here.

interested in more information about the artists and their projects? Check the event page at the Pletterij website (in Dutch).

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