Festival Music

Parksessies #4 – 03 August 2016

The fourth and last Parksessies of the season was at August 03, 2016 in Haarlem. Sanne Smits and Jelle Hoekstra searched for the real Haarlemmers and made songs about them together with the band Pastinaak en de Vergeten Groenten (Parsnip and the Forgotten Vegatables). Parksessies has a good sense for bands that are on the doorstep of making the next step in their career. I think we will see Tony Clifton on a bigger stage next year. Based on their name I expected reggae, but it is a great three man garagerock band! One needs to eat at a festival which starts before dinner time. This is solved quickly by visiting one of the foodtucks! The best pitstop the last two sessions and again this one was the Lebanese Sajeria Foodtruck for a Manousheh! Freshy made especially for you one can’t go wrong. Last but not least I went to see the bored garden gnomes Perky and Fiddle. They are stuck in their wheelbarrows watering the plants. With non-verbal communication, music and soundeffects from the speakers an adventure unfolds which is great fun for all ages.

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