Parkessies IV – 02 August 2017

The fourth and last Parksessies of 2017 had a big variety of entertainment. The evening in the Haarlemmerhout started with Pitou who, supported by Milou and Lieke, created dreamy music. As Pitou is bringing her music in a quiet way and actress Ortál was all movement. Her play ‘If Osmel doesn’t like the nose, the nose goes’ is full of uncontrolled movement. She plays a person who overcame her selfie addicting which is just as bad as alcohol and drugs. She describes her life while her arms keep going to the selfie-stand like spasms and she still needs to correct her eyebrows every ten seconds.

Eva and Evert Scholten used the gate of the Welgelegen pavilion as stage. This the rain started this was a perfect location. Everybody stayed dry while enjoying jazz music. Every Parksessies the public library does something with words. This time it was a surprise… rappers MC Gyver and legend Def P freestyled their way through the night with words the audience put on paper and the music created by beatboxer Monkie.

Phoam is an indierock band and they are just… good! Read this great Dutch interview with them: De Duitse fanmeisjes van Phoam

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