Street Art

NDSM Street Art : 22 Feb 2017

Tuesday February the 21th, 2017 I finally visited the old NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam. I knew the location through the festivals which are hosted there, but the street art is relatively new. There is plenty to see and all styles are represented.

A few things standout. It’s hard to miss the colorful 240 square meter Anne Frank created by Eduardo Korba. While walking along the buildings and through the wharf you see multiple pieces by DotsyOmatiks, KBTR, DopieThe Oogman and Bheo Mushroom.  Do look up to see the art of Mr. June. There are probably more stickers than pieces at the site. Check them out when you are there.

We start and end the photo series with two doors by VYALONE .  It is a tour along all the walls, but I did group them by artist or crew as good as possible. So, visit Visual Waste, Karski & Beyond, Delicious Brains, HNRX, PSOMAN, Sket185, Evolve, Ox Alien, Edo Rath, Franceska Gamez, Otto Schade, Dutch, Sin and many others!

The best way to enjoy the photo’s is to click on the ‘View full size’ link at the bottom right of the screen below the photo.