Street Art

JDL Street Art

JDL Street Art created two big pieces in Amsterdam in 2021. The first one named Closer In Distance is a temporary replacement of the HIV/AIDS monument near the Central Station. It symbolizes the relationship between those who have lost a loved one due to AIDS and their partner.

The second piece is Diversity in Bureaucracy and is about bureaucracy and racism. After having arranged a wall on a great location her first subsidy application was rejected. She gave it a second try explaining she wanted to do a piece about bureaucracy, unequal chances and the despair that it creates. That worked! While she was doing research for her project she interviewed a ballerina from Surinam and learned there are very few dancers of color. This, combined with the upcoming BLM movement and ethnic profiling by the tax office…, gave her the inspiration to create a ballerina in a cloud of paperwork. (source)