Street Art

Fresh Gable Stones in Haarlem

In Haarlem houses took the place where the busses and before that trams were parked in the past. The former buss company NZH had drawings by comic artists on the cover of their timetable book. This became the inspiration to invite artists to design gable stones for the new streets.

All stones contain trams and busses which were used in the past as part of the design. There is one exception. The gable stone at the Leidsevaart has a towing barg as the canal was used to tow boats between Leiden and Haarlem.

The following artists participated in the project: Alex van Koten, Bunbun030, Gerrie Hondius, Joost Swarte, Paul Kusters, Schwantz, Theo van den Boogaard and Toon van Driel. The stonemasons Tobias Snoep, Toon Rijkers, Harold Lans, Koos Boomstra, Tsjerk Holtrop, Serge van Druten and Koen van Velzen created the stones

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