Music Singer/Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem

Singer-Songwriter Cirkel Haarlem: Open Mic 03 May 2016

The Singer-Songwriter Circle Haarlem hosted there first open mic night at Café Briljant in… Haarlem. Each artist got about 20 minutes to do a couple of songs. Michel Buurmeester was the first to set the standard for the night. He claims to be a pop musician without a band and after his set I was left wondering why he would need one as he was doing fine by himslef. Raoul Michel is working hard to win a big talentshow, but he made time to perform and share the songs he wrote for the competition. Chaimaa, all the way from Morocco, was a wonderfull surprice. You don’t have to speak Arabic to be able to feel the emotion in her music. Minke Jonk and Oli Tong are a great combination which brought traditional folk into the mix. Wessel van Deursen didn’t really have time to play, but borrowed a guitar and shared a couple of great songs. The evening was clsed with aperformance by the brand new improviation formation To The Wolves took the stage. Joost Verhagen, Martijn Comes and Juliette van Dijk invited Chaimaa to join them and it was wonderful. The evening was presented by Anouk.

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