Carrot Cake! Carrot Cake! You all eat carrot Cake!

On Saturday February 6, 2016 the anti-islam movement Pegida wanted to  protest in Amsterdam. They prefered to do that on the Dam, but Falun Dafa already claimed it for their peaceful demonstration. They were allowed to protest at the townhall. Personally I think that is was a tactical move by the major and police as that area is easier to control. As the anti-fascist movement will always show up to ensure organisations like Pegida are not heard and can not march through a town.

To have a different sound also a pro-refugee demonstration was organised. Well pro-refugee? It was also about police violence under the banner of Black Lives Matter and hosted dudes dressed up as Black Panthers.

There was a lot of police on the street in all possible forms. Groups dressed up in riot gear, normal uniforms, plain cloth cops and about 20 on horseback. During the Pegida event they were all needed. An hour before the start a suspicious object was found and the police blocked a street for safety. During the event the plain cloth police were bussy arresting troublemakers, the drivers of the police vans were moving their vehicles in a way there was a defendable way out. The bridge to the city center was sealed off and the two parties were split. In the end the Pegida protestors were taken away from the area with busses to avoid fights with the anti-fascists.

The best part of the afternoon was the rightwinged parties dissing the anti-fascist with a simple yell which takes the sting out of any argument:

“Carrot cake! Carrot cake! You all eat carrot cake!”

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