Street Art

350 KM Graffiti Run

It was time to revisit a few graffiti locations I have been before and a two new ones. First stop was the Bospoort in Ede. The bicycletunnel was only decorated on the inside and the entrance at the side of the city center. The team didn’t have permission to do the other exit which is a small up ‘hill’ trip. The tunnel and exit didn’t match at all and during the graffiti jam it was already clear something needed to be done about it. A week ago the issue was taken care of.

The best way to enjoy the photo’s is to click on the ‘View full size’ link at the bottom right of the screen below the photo.

Next stop was in Oss. This town finally has his own graffiti friendly zone. It is at an activity center for the youth and on the first saturday of the holiday it was closed. Image that! There is a hole in the fence, so it’s easy to enter, which I didn’t. There is nice work from the KBTR and Steen.

While I was in the south of the country it was also good to revisit the Berenkuil in Eindhoven. I needed to check the name of the artist who made a great piece and couldn’t pass the opportunity to see if there was new work.

Eindhoven has a lot more graffiti to offer. Like the corner of the Marconilaan and Boschdijk which among others contains work by Fleks and Nash:

The latest project in Eindhoven is Strijp-S, a parkinglot behind the Klokgebouw next to the railroad. Like ‘t Honk in Oss the parkinglot was closed, so I couldn’t get close. I did recognise one person in the picture only, Lemmy. Watch this video to get a better picture: Strijp-S. Or enjoy the making off video: Making Off.

Next to the Klokgebouw is Area51 an indoor BMX and skateboard park with graffiti on the outside. New work appeared on the walls since my last visit. It’s good to see the power socket is back. There was one at the Berenkuil, but is was covered during Step in the Arena last month.

In Den Bosch the wall at the GZG constructionsite has new pieces by Deef Feed , Joep van Gassel and Jan is de Man.