Housing Protest Amsterdam

On Sunday 12 September 2021 the housing protest series kicked off at the Westerpark in Amsterdam. It addressed various subjects of the housing market, like:

  • The waiting lists to rent a house of a social housing program are too long.
  • The corporations who build and maintain the social housing projects also have to pay the landlord tax introduced a few years ago. This doesn’t help in maintaining, replacing and building new houses.
  • It is possible to get a mortgage on a house based on the rent you will get. This makes it possible to buy houses for free if you have moeny to start off.
  • Houses which are for rent outside the social housing programs are expensive. There is a big gap between the price of a house from a program and the free housing sector. This doesn’t help with people moving on when they earn enough.

At the protest various speakers took the stage addressing the problems they face.