Poets of Haarlemtown’s Underground V

Thursday, april 12, 2018, the poets gathered in the Wolfhounds basement in Haarlem. Three generations of wordblenders, rhymespinners and phraseshifters lined up to share their creativity. MC Joshua Baumgarten kept them on edge as he put them in the spotlight randomly. The rowdy crowd was bombarded with poems, small stories, poetry with soundtrack and spontaneous random shit!

My personal highlights were:

  • Mette van Dijk with an impressive piece about how she sees people.
  • Louky van Eijkelenburg had a story about, as I interpreted, depression. Cas Kruse created a perfect soundtrack to support her performance.
  • On my way to the venue I bumped into Joost Verhagen. He neither expect to visit the event nor prepared anything. So, he cut up his notebook to fill a teacup with the remains. When it was his turn he transformed the snippets from various courtroom visits into poetry. This created some deep shit.

This night wasn’t possible without Beatrijs Bakker, Dick van ‘t Hoff, Ariel Alvarez (wondering were Mark van Holst was), Zoran Radicheski (traveled all the way from Macedonia!), Janneke Hopman (it takes four cablecarloads to remove puke), Marte Jansen (sharing a selection of his song translation project), Gosse van Dijk (flying in from Antwerp), Tyron Woerdings (He left his poet deflorationnight… with a big smile), Auke-Jan Weening (good piece about social media) and to wrap up the night the Violency crew: Jonah Vos, Zamity Valentino, Max van Westerop and Dirk Kabel.

The best way to enjoy the photo’s is to click on the ‘View full size’ link at the bottom right of the screen below the photo.