Wijngaard Collectief

The Wijngaard Collectief organised a well ventilated exhibition in the Wijngaardtuin in Haarlem in the wekend of 26/27 June 2021. Paperartist Margo Rademakers created a Baby Boom (Baby Tree, Babyboom? you decide) Kees Juffermans has a perfect eye for recombining metal objects. Bob Wielaard build an old camera and it took about a minute to adjust to the darkness and start to see what is inside the box. That is the same time it took to make a photo in the past. There will be no new wooden creatures as Jan Heijer passed away earlier this year. Klaas Kamphuis brought Poort IV (Gate IV) to the garden. This is a small object. Check out his website if you own a parksize garden.

Julia Henneman created a book for her grandson which he may open after walking the planet for three decades. She took the Wijngaard stage to share a small part of it. Ellen van Putten took a big risk by bringing Pandora’s Box. No worries. She didn’t open it and you could have a look through the hole. Margriet Gerhels setup a cosy living room a.ka. the Haak Inn, a crochet area where everybody could join her.

‘Verwijzingen met Weerstandcodering’ (reference with resistance encoding or pointer with resistance encoding) is a great work by Erik Sok which instantly triggers all kinds of thoughts. Whose resistance is it? Mine towards the problem? Mine towards the solution? His expectation of my restistance?

Didi Overman turned a section of the park into a campsite. In the tent was a radio play, podcast, about the trip she took with her grandson by bicycle from The Hague to Haarlem. Why? Because he made the trip by train and car, but never by bicycle. Ilja Warmerdam also brought a tent to the garden to keep a life size drawing safe from the weather.

The best way to enjoy the photos is to click on the ‘View full size’ link at the bottom right of the screen below the photo.