Kunstlijn Haarlem – Wijngaardtuin

The Kunstlijn in Haarlem is an annual event where many artists open their doors to show their work.  The event is in the first weekend of November and the autumn might share its complete palette of weather options to colour the day. Despite the conditions you should always visit the Wijngaardtuin. In this well hidden garden Margo Rademakers and her team invite a diverse group of artists to show their art.

When you arrived at the main gate the trouble started. Erik Sok setup a complete crime scene! Jan Heijer brought a variety of work from toys to paintings. Ap Esenbrink took his great recycled creatures for a day in the park. Ellen van Putten was the only one who kept dry all weekend. From her arttruck style car she served birds. Thea Verstraten setup an altar with statues you would expect on Easter Island and decorated the scene with Brussels sprouts and broccoli. It looked like they were discussing the rain.

Didi Overman set a table for a big family gathering. It looks like the party is already over. She ‘fixed’ the broken plates and glasses in a completely new way. Turning them into great objects. The giant wings above the table were created by Margo.

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